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Villain Month 2014

Amanda kadatz villainmonthweek3

Gruagach, Bossk, Gul'dan, Me-mow, Sheriff of Nottingham, Kingdok, Ogre from Gummi Bears

Amanda kadatz villainmonthweek5

Gigabowser, Deathwing, Yzma, Aku

Amanda kadatz villainmonthweek4

Hades, Gnasty Gnorc, Malefor, Queen Tsarmina, Xanatos, Invader Zim

Amanda kadatz villainmonthweek2

Rat, Red/Hellcat from All Dogs go to Heaven, Lord Shen, Discord, Lynx, Rattigan, Goth

Amanda kadatz villainmonthweek1

Scar, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Nefarious, Mz Ruby, The Lizard, Blackwargreymon, Sephiroth

Villain Month 2014

Sketch drawings and paintings from last October where I did an exercise/challenge to draw a different villain each day until Halloween.

About 1-2 hours was given to each drawing.