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Club Penguin Island: Characters

Amanda k mascots shellbeard

Final concept for Captain Shellbeard. Initial designs by Kristen Lucas.

Amanda k mascots herbert3

Final concept for Herbert P. Bear, Esquire.

Amanda k mascots herbert1

Initial exploration for Herbert to find an updated design to fit his updated character type.

Amanda k mascots herbert2

Refining the final design of Herbert.

Amanda k mascots rookie

Final concept for Rookie. Initial design by Kristen Lucas.

Amanda k mascots gary2

Final concept for Gary.

Amanda k mascots gary1

Early explorations of Gary.

Amanda kadatz mascots scorn

Concept and final design for Scorn the Dragon King.

Amanda k charactersfish

Designs for the different fish species that appear in Club Penguin Island's fishing minigame.

Club Penguin Island: Characters

Character designs for mascots Shellbeard, Herbert, Rookie, Gary and Scorn from Disney's Club Penguin Island.
And some bonus fishes.

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